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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing 20 Questions With Cho Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

Its " Beautiful" go around of, launch in Australia, Vancouver blows this week. Cho is a frank supporter of the rights of the homosexuals and of the adressee of numerous humanitarian prizes. Moreover they are astonished to the sense that Cotillard really can be transformed from Edith young person to old Edith. It s to align a beautiful film. I love and in the role is genius. The character romanzato more the gradice? Always really I identify with , the character of all approximately from Eve. There are lotteries and lotteries of the occasions to scream in that film. Channing is the Queen of resistance in me. The film is only splendid and thus sad. A commediante, a designer and un actress cultural and political, Margaret Cho discusses a range about its talents and interests (images hardly its tender one to interlace a animal& #039 high and similar to fur; hats of s while communicating with we, here, a lot saying -- you the ll it sees). She s bitter however romantica, strong but ingenuous, woman however resistance Queen, all in one. L last book or films that renders it the outcry? The Ways l en Rose. 1. 2. Piaf has lived short and a tragic life.

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