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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miley Cyrus Misses Out On Prom Night

Miley Cyrus

The " " the star, that it has organized in collaboration the prizes of the with its beam of the Billy of the father the monday, was hoping to make it the great dance, but it has recently learned it won the t it can arrive. It says, " I am shooting my film during the days of promenade, thus won the t he is there." But the singer of 15 years admits she the s he has alleviated secret -- because she doesn the t he has a date: " I would be like the single hermit to the posterior part of the promenade. Feeling of I crack has uncovered that the reputation comes to a high price -- she s too much occupied to assist to its promenade of the High School. That s defective! I am not going to make that.".

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