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Monday, April 21, 2008

Balenciaga To Launch A Online Store Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly

Fortune teller that I will have simply to maintain an eye on the garment to the matches - where it s that it sells by piece for 3,875!. In collaboration with the tree-lined avenue To. WWD are signaling that it marks will launch their first place of electronic commerce 15 May with the bags, the ice-skates, glance at them alone to it, the scarves and the monili in sale. Don the t it obtains too much moving although the girls, it are on hand only of the customers of the United States. With of are in order joining other houses of way as all join the world of purchase online. " It is un extension and an adaptation of the place puts into effect them of balenciaga.com, " it has said a spokesman of Balenciaga of the boutique online imminent, planned from . It shame of the S.A won the t it is dressed of the stocking hardly still, it would be interesting to see if garment is carrying in their advertising campaign 2008 of the spring sold outside.

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