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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gran Torino: A not-so-joyful ride to salvation

In 1992, Unforgiven earned Clint Eastwood a Best Director Oscar with its redemptive themes of making up for past mistakes and answering a man??s call to duties that others don??t have the stomach for. 16 years later, these same themes pervade his latest (and perhaps his last) film, Gran Torino.

Shakira to hip-shake for Bollywood

Film producer Surya Pratap is in final stages of negotiations with Shakira for a song in his movie The Final Call which is based on the theme of father-son relationship. The producer has already approached Sanjay Dutt for the lead role and the actor is learnt to have expressed his interest but is yet to give his final nod. Similarly, Shakira has been in talks to croon a song and she has reportedly agreed. Only legalities on paper need to be done for her to be an official part of the film.